Frequently Asked Questions

We are trying to answer the most common queries that we receive, please refer to the below mentioned FAQs. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any other queries.

Do we manufacture the uniforms and apparel that we supply?

Yes, every piece of garment that we supply is manufactured in our factories, from fabric to the finished garment, all processes are completed in our own factories.

Are we in the business of uniforms trading?

No, we do not buy manufactured garments, and then sell them. Instead, we manufacture all the uniforms and apparels that we supply.

Do we deal in accessories along with garments?

Yes, we are here to cater to all your uniform needs, not just clothing, we also supply accessories like belts, ties, shoes, scarfs, lapel pins, badges, bags and the like.

What are the names of the brands that we own?

We supply garments under three brand names; Uniba, Roba and Klere respectively. Each brand has a different statement of style and quality and caters to different segments of the market.

Do we sell directly or through other dealerships?

We only sell our products directly, and not through any dealerships so that we can offer the best price, premium service standards and maintain transparency while dealing with our clients. We have a full fledged sales and marketing team that helps clients with their queries, guides them through the sampling process and caters to all their uniform needs.

Do we provide uniform design services?

Yes, we have in-house designers from India’s top rated universities and institutes who consult on our clients’ uniform and apparel needs. These design consultants take care of the budget range of the client, the level of functionality and durability required in the uniforms, the profiles of the workers and employees who will be using those uniforms and match it to the styles that are in trend and deliver the most liked uniform designs, which are high on durability, functionality, safety and suit the client’s budget needs.

What is our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

Uniba is in the business of bulk manufacturing, given our setup we do not accept orders below 500 pcs per style. However, our sales and marketing team will help you to assess the right quantity of uniforms looking at your present and future manpower needs, and try and achieve economies of scale in our factories so that you are able to order the quantity which allows you to store the uniforms efficiently and get the best price.

Do we charge a premium price for our services?

Uniba provides its clients with unmatched services, not just our products but also the way of ordering, order management, tracking and seamless deliveries stands out. But, we offer the best prices in the market to our clients, given the size of our operations and bulk productions, our prices actually come with a guarantee of being the lowest in the market.

What to do if you need uniforms for your company?

All you have to do is call us on +91 9667797500 or email us on sales@c5w.cf4.mywebsitetransfer.com and we will handhold you from there until you receive your uniforms with full satisfaction.

What to do if you face any issues with the garments delivered to your company?

Our executives do not call it a sale, until our clients are satisfied, there are very lean chances of having any issues with the garments because we have a strict quality control team in place, however, if there is an issue, we will pickup the garments from your doorstep and test them for quality and measurements. If there is a problem with the samples, we will replace the whole lot of uniforms in which there may be an issue in as less time as possible with the least amount of botherance to our clients.
If you do have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you with your queries.