Meet the Team

We believe that people are the most important elements of a business, our dedicated and process oriented teams make us what we are. Trained individuals with years of industry experience make our employees, they are given continuous training to further hone their skills and serve our clients better. We have a set of divisions to ensure expertise in everything that we do. To join our team, know more about careers at Uniba.


Krishna is spearheading our manufacturing facilities and is heading the production domain. He is grounded, helpful and thriving to succeed. He is the one we depend on for order completions and at times when everything becomes ‘urgent’, he efficiently and smoothly gets it done. He is responsible for all upgradations and tech innovations in production. He has extensive knowledge of fabrics and his great networking skills help us to get the best raw materials and fabrics, ensuring economies of scale and best prices.


Aaditya heads our Sales and Marketing function, he is the guy who moves the biggest clients in the industry. His network of procurement professionals, admin managers and HR heads has grown massively during his years in the uniforms trade. He is an excellent team manager, trainer and strategist, this helps us to conceptualise, design and develop all our marketing and business development campaigns in-house! He has years of corporate experience and holds degrees in garment manufacturing and business administration.


Priya works on Uniba the brand and gives it the professional look and feel that it has, she makes the brand more relatable to its customers and takes care of branding of all natures, from the garments that we manufacture to virtual branding. She has been a consultant with international companies and holds a masters degree in Social Research. She looks after our design and strategy development function and our social responsibility to the society.


Vikas is a quick learner with immense abilities to keep the team together, he deals with staff at all levels apart from catering to our clients and offering them the best of our services. He is humble, intuitive and a go-getter, and is part of our Sales team. He holds a degree in Commerce and has previously worked with major mobile giants.


Priyanka is our talented, driven, and compassionate Operations Associate who is motivated to change the world through better business operations management benefiting everyone in supply chains and ensuring high levels of efficiency. She holds an MBA degree from a reputed institute and continuously innovates systems to improve performance.


Jai is the one who maintains all our checks and balances, he ensures that all our dealings are just and fair. He upholds our belief that all transactions need to be transparent, fair to the client, fair to us and should be recorded with accountability towards the government. He is an integral part of the accounting function and holds extensive experience in the field, and works closely with our Accounts head.


Arshad is one of our longest serving team members, and brings with him great levels of agility and creativity. He manages the most critical orders seamlessly, his pace of work is unmatchable and is an important pillar of our production team. He started working to support his family early on in life and was not able to finish his graduate degree but with the amount of experience that he has, he outshines most others.


Pradeep has now graduated to the position of fabric store manager, due to his immaculate attention to detail. He knows it all, even a cut piece cannot be misplaced in his presence. Whether or not he looks at his records, he has all details of fabrics and trims in his mind. He manages a big team of support staff and continuously motivates them and trains them to perform better.


Preeti is a fast paced professional, she is our data manager and keeps track of employees’ progress in terms of their daily reporting, she also supports Client Relationship Management function by being at the backend of all marketing and sales work, and she manages the team’s calendars, progress with clients and collects feedback from clients on our products and services.


Sanjay, our Jack-of-all-trades, technically he is in charge of factory maintenance, his work only begins there. Sanjay is the fixer. He is the guy we rely on to fix anything broken. Something wrong with the light switch, the heater, the generator, your office chair, the curtain rod, the garden fence – Sanjay will figure out a way to make it work! He has previously worked with Tech Mahindra as an Operations Executive.


Jitendra is a part of the Operations team, and he along with his team ensures that all orders are processed seamlessly, he synchronizes the work of the marketing division and the production division and acts as a link between the two. He sure knows how to get his work done given his exceptional abilities of negotiation, motivating others and maintaining harmony among the team members.

Shubham Gahlot

Shubham is a go getter and is part of our Sales and Marketing team, he holds a masters degree in business administration and is specialised in client servicing. Not only does he help clients with their uniforms requirement but also makes the purchase process effortless for the client.