Hotel & Restaurant Uniforms

The hospitality industry is first about experience and then comes everything else. We help you ensure that the experience created for customers in your hotel is a remarkable one. Uniforms profess a dress code, a sense of discipline, enhance your branding, demarcate roles and positions and build an overall brand image, creating the best first impression in the minds of your guests.

From the front desk staff to housekeeping personnel, every employee in your hotel adds to building a bigger and better experience. Every staff member has an equal opportunity to make a great impression. The way in which your employees are dressed will let your guests know about the quality and service of your establishment. With the rapid pace at which your hotel guests check in and out you may not have a lot of time to create the right impression however the right uniform worn by your staff is sure to leave a lasting impression in your customer’s mind.

Our range of hospitality workwear offers wide-variety, smart colour choice, high-tech fabric options, fashion-forward styling and quality fabrication. We provide chef coats, front desk uniforms, aprons, waiter’s workwear, manager’s uniforms, bedsheets and towel, bell boy and housekeeping uniforms.

Hospitality Uniforms and linen from Uniba can help you build an everlasting impression on your customers while reimagining your brand with us.

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