Promotional Wear

Uniba’s range of promotional wear is diversified, versatile and made of well- engineered fabrics, we offer several blends, colours, textures and thread counts to our clients. A t-shirt is not just a t-shirt for us, it is a tool to showcase your brand, it must reflect the essence of your brand through its colour, fabric and feel. Not just t-shirts, our catalogue of promotional wear consists of caps, scarfs, ties, hoodies and more.

Branded apparel is a great marketing tool for an organization, from quick giveaway t-shirts for your current campaigns to top quality jackets and bags for clients, promotional apparel is an effective and affordable way to ensure that your brand makes an impact. We also offer a huge variety of branding options, from different embroidery stitches to a bucketful of printing options.

Visual repetition is the strongest yet easiest way to build a brand.